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May 29
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Before I start, I just want to thank :iconm60rpd: for all the help with this battle. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Kra: “Helloooooo humans! Your hosts have arrived. We’ve gone over their weapons, skills, abilities and tactics, and its time for a-”

Natalia: *Slams her battle axe onto the desk. “DEATH BATTLEEEEEE!”


Natalia: ”What? Its not like they can’t afford a new one. Besides, destroying stuff is part of my job description. Oh, and I almost forgot. This fight comes with music. HIT IT!”…

Kra: “Why are they yelling at me?”

Natalia: “Shut up, I’m trying to watch the fight.”

Canalave City, Sinnoh Region


    Nocturne found himself summoned once again, bound to do the summoners bidding. Expecting to materialize on the fields of Runeterra, he was surprised to find himself in a small, oceanside town. Cottages, small stores, and other buildings lined the piers, and a bridge connected two halves of the town over a small estuary. 

    “Was this some kind of trick?”  thought Nocturne, as he began to explore his surroundings. Floating near a house, he looked into a window to see a small child sleeping. Testing his boundaries, he entered the child’s dream.

    Inside, he saw the boy playing with an odd, beaver-like creature. Ecstatic to once again be in the dreams of mortals, he clouded the boy’s dream with dark clouds. Then, with surprising swiftness, he rushed forward and sliced the beaver-creature in half, like a loaf of bread. The Boy shrieked in fear, and began to cry. Nocturne laughed as he realized he had somehow gotten free from his eternal punishment, and was free to slaughter and torture the citizens of this odd world.

    However, his enjoyment was cut short, when the dark clouds parted to reveal another being. This being was not a figment of the boy’s imagination, but instead another creature capable of traveling through dreams. The creature was slightly shorter than Nocturne, and stared at him with a single, blue eye. With a move of its arm, it pushed away Nocturne’s dark clouds. Intending to erase the creature from the dreamworld, Nocturne tried to manipulate the boy’s dream to destroy it. Much to his surprise, not only did this not work, but Darkrai tried to do the same to Nocturne!

    Furious at this creature with dream omnipresence like his own, Nocturne taunted his foe. “You are in my domain. Leave”. The creature did not speak, but instead responded with an odd sound. “ Rrrrrrraaiiiiiiiiiiii”. 

    They both were still trying to erase each other from this dream, and they realized that no progress would be made in the dream realm. Both left the boy’s dream at the same moment, and floated in the boy’s bedroom. Nocturne glared at his opponent, and said “You will suffer eternally.....” 


    Nocturne raised his arms to slash with his blades, but was caught off guard as Darkrai rushed forward much faster then he could have and tackled him through the window. Knocking the dark pokemon off of him, Nocturne darted forwards and slashed with his blades, cutting Darkrai along his sides. However, the blades did not slice through Darkrai like Nocturne expected them to do, and only cut the pokemon’s flesh. Responding quickly, Darkrai hovered back and used hypnosis, attempting to put his opponent into a never ending sleep. Yellow rings of light extended from Darkrai’s eyes towards Nocturne, and for a moment, he was stunned into mobility. 

    This only lasted a brief second, as Nocturne realized that whatever this was, it was not affecting him in the slightest. He crossed his arms and launched a Duskbringer, the shadowy blades racing the short distance and impacting Darkrai head on. The blow sent him careening backwards, flipping in the air until he righted himself several yards away. Before Darkrai could counter attack, Nocturne launched himself at his foe, blades forward in an attempt to cross them on Darkrai’s neck. 

    Darkrai tried to avoid it, but wasn’t fast enough, and was struck directly in the chest. The blow sent him rolling away once again, and he righted himself even quicker this time. Floating quickly away, Darkrai tried to put some distance between the two, but Nocturne closed that distance almost instantly and slashed Darkrai across the back. Nocturne was about to use Paranoia to finish his foe, but instead of one enemy, he was suddenly surrounded by a circle of Darkrai’s. Having activated his double team, Darkrai had created intangible copies of himself in a circle around Nocturne.

    Surrounded, Nocturne began to slash wildly, trying to strike as many as he could before they ganged up on him. To his surprise, Nocturne’s blades cut through thin air every time he struck a Darkrai, and the Darkai clones faded as he touched them. He had destroyed three when a dark pulse of energy struck him from behind. The dark pulse attack was so powerful, it knocked him to the ground and drove him several feet through concrete. 

    Crawling from the hole he had made, Nocturne looked up to see Darkrai floating slowly towards him, looking smug ad confident. Not one to be intimidated, Nocturne arose, shaking off bits of rubble, and said “Are you getting tired yet? I am not”. With that, he activated Unspeakable Horror.

    Darkrai was wondering what its opponent was doing when his mind was overrun with horrible thoughts. He saw himself being killed, tortured, and maimed in horrible ways. He even saw his rival, Cressilia, ending his life and laughing in arrogance. Overcome by these thoughts, Darkrai fell to the ground in mental anguish. Nocturne laughed at his fallen opponent, then rushed at him, dragging a blade through the ground towards him. Slamming it into the fallen pokemon, Nocturne sent Darkrai flying into the bay. He landed in the salty water with a splash.

    “Swim in Terror.....” uttered Nocturne, as he hovered confidently on the docks. He was about to turn away when Darkrai’s white head slowly emerged from the water. Floating out of the brine, Darkrai became emerged in a dark aura, boosting his special attack with nasty plot. He then held out his palm and launched another dark pulse, this one even stronger than the last. Nocturne activated Shroud of Darkness just in time, absorbing the hit and gaining a speed boost. 

    Darkrai didn’t let up on the attacks though. He summoned a ghostly wind, and sent the ominous wind attack gusting towards Nocturne. Using his boosted speed to his advantage, Nocturne flew upwards above the ominous wind, and fired another Duskbringer at Darkrai. Dodging the shadowy twin blades, Darkrai let loose another dark pulse, which Nocturne blocked again with Shroud of Darkness. 

    Darting forward, Nocturne used his now blistering speed to try and slice Darkrai in half. Despite Darkrai’s best attempt to dodge, Nocturne’s blades struck his lower body, cutting his flesh. The blow sent him flying back, with Nocturne in hot pursuit. Righting himself, Darkrai released an icy cloud of water vapor into the air, using haze to cloud the battlefield. Nocturne lost track in the mist, and to his greater shock, lost his speed boosts! Nocturne flew out of the cloud of icy mist to get his bearings, hovering above the haze.  

    He scanned the area, trying to catch a glimpse of his dark opponent. Meanwhile, Darkrai had phased into the ground near the dock, moving as a shadow to avoid being discovered. The haze was slowly disappearing, and Nocturne realized he may be a target floating several feet in the air. As if to confirm this realization, another dark pulse was shot from the shadows near the town, barreling towards him. Once again, Nocturne activated Shroud of Darkness, letting the pulse pass right through him and boosting his speed. 

    Seeing this, Darkrai was now realizing that when Nocturne covered himself in that shadowy aura, he made himself immune to damage. Darkrai rose from the ground, showing himself to his opponent to entice an attack. When Darkrai was sure Nocturne has seen him, he let loose another dark pulse. Nocturne dodged the blast, and started to rush towards Darkrai. Letting loose another dark pulse, Darkrai was still trying to entice his foe into protecting himself. However this time, his dark pulse was released as an explosion of energy in all directions, instead of a concentrated beam. Being too close to his foe to dodge the explosion of dark energy, Nocturne once again activated Shroud of Darkness, letting the force pass through him.

    Darkrai followed that up with disable, telekinetically blocking Nocturne from using that technique. Nocturne felt nothing, and dashed forward to strike with his blades, and knocked the pokemon into a brick wall, crumpling it in the process. He was about to deal the final blow when his blades passed through air. Turning, Nocturne saw a group of Darkrai yet again. Double Team.

    Rushing upwards to fight them, Nocturne began to slash them to bits, one after another. The real Darkrai had hidden himself in the shadows behind the brick wall, manifesting his dispensible clones to buy time. Boosting himself with nasty plot once more, he waited for Nocturne to finish off the double team clones. He didn’t have to wait long. By the time he had finished one nasty plot, Nocturne was already searching for his opponent.

    Rising from behind the wall, Darkai raised his arm and fired off a powerfully concentrated dark pulse. Sensing the attack, Nocturne activated Shroud of Darkness. Or he would have, had he not been under the affects of disable. Nocturne realized far too late that his shield wasn’t working. He took the +2 dark pulse at near point blank range, and was sent flying across the street through the local Poke’mart. The whole building collapsed from the force of the impact, and Nocturne was buried somewhere under the rubble.

    Darkrai floated near the rubble of the store, looking to see if his opponent had indeed survived. Meanwhile, Nocturne, in the form of shadows on the ground, emerged from the rubble and snuck behind his foe. Nocturne was now one pissed champion. Rising behind Darkrai, he unleashed his ultimate attack. Paranoia. 

    Suddenly, Darkrai felt his vision go dark, severely limiting his normally good night vision. He spun around to to try and see what was around him, but was assaulted from the side as Paranoia’s secondary effect allowed Nocturne to slam into his opponent blade first. Darkrai was stabbed in the back, the blades piercing his skin, and Nocturne plowed Darkrai through the rubble of the building and even farther. As if he was using Darkrai as a plow on the field, Nocturne continued to hold Darkrai to the ground as the force of his attack drove them onwards. Nocturne could no longer tell how deep his blades had pierced, but was confident his foe was fully impaled. They came to a stop at the edge of town, coming to a halt just before the waterline. 

    Lifting his blade from his target, Nocturne looked down upon his foe. He twitched slightly, shocked to see that his blades had only pierced an inch into the pokemon’s flesh. It was barely a flesh wound! He raised his blades to strike again, intending to rip his opponent apart from the small incision, but struck bricks as Darkrai used quick attack to dash around him. Nocturne turned, facing his foe, and asked, dumbstruck “What are you?”.   

    Darkrai responded, its deep, ethereal voice rivaling Nocturnes in its tone. “Daaarkraaaiii.....”. Raising its hands above its head, Darkrai released a dozen dark circlets, all shot at Nocturne. Too close to dodge, and with his Shroud of Darkness still disabled, Nocturne had no option but to take the hit. A single dark void struck Nocturne, and enveloped him in a sphere of energy. Nocturne felt briefly overwhelmed with power, unable to even think straight. The dark void dissipated, revealing a still standing Nocturne.

    Darkrai did a double take in surprise, and Nocturne laughed in arrogance. “Your powers are useless against me. Now, enter true darkness”. Nocturne rushed forward, blades shinning in the moonlight, and he charged through Dakrai, cleaving him in two. The two halves fell apart, like a watermelon sliced in half by a sword. Nocturne laughed triumphantly, mocking his opponent. Until he heard a sudden shriek from behind him. 

    Turning to see what unfortunate soul had made that noise, Nocturne saw two summoners standing behind him with surprised looks on their faces. One of them said “No, thats impossible! It was supposed to kill the nightmare!” Nocturne dashed forward, slashing the two summoners apart. He could not have been happier. He just killed his jail keepers, and a horrid rip-off. 

    Feeling the shackles that bound him to the physical world fall off, Nocturne rose in the air to feel all his old powers return to him. However, after waiting for his curse to lift, he felt nothing. If anything, he had a bad headache. Floating down to the ground, he tried to make sense of this. Why couldn’t be access his full potential again? Why did he still feel as if he was under some kind of influence? Unless.....

No. No, there is no way it could have..... Unless this is, a... a....”

“A dream!”

    Nocturne awoke with a start, lying on the ground when he had been struck by Darkrai’s dark void. He recalled his dream, and became furious that this beast had tried to end him with his own method. He rose to confront his opponent, but struggled as he felt intense pain. His health was now dangerous low, reaching critical levels. This is because, while he was sleeping, Darkrai had struck him with nightmare, slowly draining his health. Combined with Darkrai’s ability bad dreams, he had been chipping away at Nocturne’s health rather quickly. He had tried to take Nocturne’s health with dream eater, but found the move ineffective against his opponent.

    Rising to his full height, Nocturne knew his opponent had him on the ropes. He activated Unspeakable Horror, trying to cripple his opponent and gain the upper hand. Darkrai was once again tormented by awful thoughts, but he fought through it and fired off a dark pulse, blowing Nocturne away with the sheer force of the impact. As his opponent landed a good distance away, Darkrai’s thoughts turned to normal. 

    Nocturne tried to pick himself up, but found himself pinned under Darkrai’s newly formed legs. Having used quick attack to close the distance, Darkrai stared down at his foe. Not out for the count yet, Nocturne phased into the shadows, trying to get away. However, Darkrai did the same, chasing him through the town. The two shadows streaked across the city, until Darkrai finally out sped his opponent with quick attack, knocking both back into their physical forms.

    Nocturne was not prepared to lose, and let loose with a multitude of his skills. He launched a Duskbringer, which Darkrai countered with dark pulse. The two moves cancelled each other out. Then, double activating Paranoia, he blinded and barrel rushed his foe. Darkrai took the hits like a champion, rising after being knocked down by the force of the blow. Enraged, Nocturne began to fight Darkrai in close combat, striking again and again with his dual blades. Darkrai managed to dodge a few hits, but was cut up badly on his arms and shoulders. “WHY, WON’T, YOU, DIE!” screamed Nocturne, trying to slice his opponent in half, like he did is his dream. Darkrai darted to the side, sliding up to Nocturne, almost in a friendly matter. Nocturne was surprised, but didn’t let this slow him down, and he tried to strike once more. However, he was cut off by a sucker punch to the gut, which sent him flying back wards. 

    Wrenching in pain, Nocturne looked up to see another dark pulse barreling towards him, striking him head on. He was blown backwards, and only stopped when he slammed into the wall of a local building. Sliding down to the ground, Nocturne slowly picked himself up, trying to right himself before his opponent caught up with him. Unfortunately, Darkrai was already there, floating above his fallen foe. 

    “Am I your nightmare, or are you mine?” Nocturne managed to stutter out, clutching his side with one arm. He lashed out with his free arm, but Darkrai swiftly dodged it, then fired another dark pulse. Nocturne was driven into the wall, creating a large indent in the metal. Channeling his energy with one final nasty plot, Darkrai unleashed one more dark pulse, putting everything he had into this final blow.

    It was more than enough. The force of that dark pulse demolished Nocturne’s shadowy body, disintegrating the eternal nightmare into nothing. Only his blades remained, lying on the cobblestone alley.

    Floating above the buildings, Darkrai looked about the city. Many buildings were in ruins, and humans and pokemon alike were running about, trying to find safety. They did not yet know that the fight was over. Darkrai had protected his home. The Eternal Nightmare was over.


Kra: “I’m gonna have nightmares about this one....”

Natalia: “Ok, I’ll admit it. This job is pretty cool.”

Kra: “These two combatants were very similar in both design and skills. Both relied on speed, agility, and evasion to out perform stronger opponents, and both rely on inflicting statuses on their enemies to cripple them. However, the differences are what decide the fight”.

Natalia: “Darkrai prefers to use ranged attacks, and his massive base 135 special attack allows him to take full advantage of it. Furthermore, he has the move nasty plot, which raises his special attack by x2 every time he uses it. The fact that nocturne is a close range fighter immediately puts him at a disadvantage, because he needs to get in close. And while he’s is an expert at this, Darkrai’s moveset is almost perfectly adapted to countering it. Not to mention his moveset is 4 times bigger than Nocturne’s, giving him more options in battle.” 

Kra: “Darkrai’s quick attack allows him to bypass Nocturne’ speed advantage and any speed boosts he’s accumulated. Furthermore, Faint attack never misses, making Nocturne’s agility and evasiveness useless as well.”

Natalia: “The disable allows Darkrai to render any one of Nocturne’s skills useless. Considering he only has 4, this means no matter what skill is disabled, it will have an effect on the fight. Haze can create a large cloud of fog for Drakrai to hide in, and it eliminates stat boosts, for some reason. Pokemon are weird.”

Kra: “Furthermore, Double Team makes hitting Darkrai all the more difficult. While the clones cannot do anything other than mimic Darkrai’s movements, they are enough of a distraction to buy him time.” 

Natalia: “With all this being said, the biggest difference between the two was their durability. Nocturne, while powerful, has been defeated countless times before, by almost any kind of enemy. Darkrai, on the other hand, is on a completely different level. In the 10th pokemon movie, Darkrai fights the pokemon gods of space and time, Dialga and Palkia respectively. Now, for some scale of reference, both of theses poke’gods have the power to manipulate space and time, meaning they could erase you from existence. Their mere presence in the city they were fighting in caused objects and buildings to dissolve into nothing.  And Darkrai was able to fight them for several hours, shrugging off their most powerful attacks like it was nothing. Bad. Ass.”

Kra: “Nocturne has shown no feats of durability that would let him compete with this. In the “Twist of Fate” cinematic, Ryze was able to trap him in a force field easily, and his basic attack sent Nocturne flying into a stone wall. Nocturne is even frail by League of Legend standards. There also no evidence supporting Nocturne’s blades being able to slice through Darkrai like they did to Ryze’s scroll, considering the scroll was indestructible from magic, while Darkrai is just incredibly durable. Darkrai has fought and beaten foes with incredibly sharp blades before, and won.”

Natalia: “And even though Darkrai has been killed before, it took both legendary gods working together to do him in. In the end, the only way Nocturne would win, is in your dreams.”

Next time OOOOOOn Death Battle!…


Natalia: “Damn, right when I was starting to enjoy this job...”

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Jmk98 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014
So wait who one
mostlyPJO Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome job! You should (just a suggestion) make another one where Nocturne wins (because I like Nocturne) other than that, was really good. Hope to see more from you. I like the Pokemon and League of Legends crossover idea for a death battle. I would like to place a suggestion as well, it would be awesome if you did a death battle between Connor( assassins creed 3) and Talon (League of Legends). They both are assassins so it would be interesting to see the two fight.

wow that was a long paragraph/comment
Terraraptor Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

Unfortunately, I'm probably not going to write an alternate ending where Nocturne wins. Mainly because the purpose of a Death Battle is to determine who would win the majority of the time. Also, I'd have to write alternate endings for all my death battles, would would be a hassle and in some cases, impossible.

I love the idea of Pokémon VS LOL as well. I plan on doing more fights with that theme in the future.

I'll keep the suggestion in mind. Since I'm just starting to write these fights, I'm trying to keep it to characters I'm familiar with, and I've never heard of those two before.

Don't worry about a long comment. I prefer those more than anything.
mostlyPJO Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
i really like your writting style, i might watch you (if you watch me)
Terraraptor Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
Sure, why not!
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I hope you do a test next time, nothing personal but I like to see their test and skill since I'm not familiar with League of Legends and I haven't played Pokemon since the old Red and Blue days.
Terraraptor Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
I actually have a prelude to this that I posted about a week earlier. You can see it here.…
PLCTheCd Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
My apologies!
Terraraptor Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
No big deal. No worries.
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